Guess Who - a free card game
Guess Who - free grammar card game
How to play Guess Who
How to play Guess Who
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Guess Who is a card game for practising describing and asking questions about faces and hair. You can play in pairs or two small teams.

There are 24 cards in the set, and you'll need one set for each player or team.

How to play:

To begin, player one lays all 24 of their cards face up on the table. Player two secretly chooses one card from their set. This will be the face that player one has to guess.

Player one now asks a series of questions to identify player two's mystery card.

For example: Player one asks 'Has he got blue eyes?' player two has the card 'Ryosuke' and so the answer is 'no'. Player one can now 'eliminate' all cards with blue eyes by turning them face down.

This process continues until player one has eliminated twenty three of his cards. The remaining card should now match player two's mystery card, allowing player one to successfully 'guess who'.
These cards lend themselves to a number of other activities and games for describing faces and hair.

You might find it helpful to laminate the cards for protection and durability.

The twenty four faces have been given common Japanese names, as this resource was originally made for use with Japanese elementary students. However, the Microsoft Word document can be edited when you download it, allowing you to choose names that will be familiar to your own students.

Ready to play? Download, print and off you go!

Guess Who card game